A Lifetime of Experience

Devoting more than a decade of his life to the private practice of law in Staten Island, Ron Castorina is the candidate that has real experience in all of the Surrogate’s Courts of New York City. Ron has drafted hundreds of Wills, including bedside Wills at Staten Island Hospitals and Nursing Homes, as well as personal residences, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxy’s, Engaged in full scale Estate Planning including devices such as Living Trusts, Revocable Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, Pooled Income Trusts, and Special Needs Trusts for families that have children that require special and/or medical care long after they are gone. Ron has actual hearing/trial experience in Surrogate’s Court.

In 2009 he brought a petition to help a widow obtain her share of her husband’s pension, be having the husband declared a decedent, after a long and arduous process including genealogists, private investigators, appointed guardians, and a hearing in the courtroom before the Surrogate.

In that special proceeding, Castorina convinced the Surrogate’s Court to “declare a decedent” the woman’s estranged husband, who had disappeared several years before. for the purposes of obtaining a widow’s pension. Castorina has litigated disputes between family members in Surrogates Court over Trusts Assets, as well as Will Contests. Castorina has been appointed by the Surrogate Kings County to represent “unknowns”and others in complex estates requiring knowledge and experience. Castorina has handled small estates, as well as estates that have millions of dollars in assets that needed to be converted and deposited into estate accounts for distribution. Castorina has also petitioned for wrongful death claims and settled them in the Surrogate’s Court.

Castorina has obtained orders to search decedent’s residence for wills, and has even gone as far as locating the grave of a woman’s parents after the woman (a stranger to Castorina) died alone in her home after suffering a fatal fall. Castorina located a cemetery plot, obtained permission to take charge of the decedent’s body, had her cremated, and after making a case to the St. John’s Cemetery Board of Trustees that the woman was indeed a Catholic and had permission to have her buried with her parents, he brought her remains to the cemetery sought out a Priest for the burial and went to the cemetery to see to it that she was buried with all the respect and dignity that she deserved. There is no other candidate that has this experience. When it comes to selecting a Surrogate’s Court Judge, its is not just about legal experience, but, instead, about the RIGHT legal experience, in the Surrogate’s Court. Castorina’s has spent a career in Surrogate’s Court and his experience is unmatched.


A Long History of Unparalleled Service to the Community

Ron Castorina has dedicated his life to public service and has been civic minded and active his whole life. From cemetery clean-ups and Kiwanis Clubs as a youngster, Castorina has always had respect for the work of the Surrogate’s Court. Castorina is admitted to practice in New York State by the Appellate Division, Second Department, Federal District Court of New York for the Eastern and Southern Districts, The United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, and The United States Court of International Trade. Prior to founding The Law Offices of Ronald Castorina, Jr., Castorina worked within the New York State Courts for Justice Joseph J. Maltese, as a legal research assistant and clerk. Castorina worked for Judge Matthew A. Sciarrino, Jr. in the Criminal Courts of the City of New York as a Law Clerk, and as a Principal Law Clerk to Justice Bruce Balter in Brooklyn, New York, in a “Trial Ready” part where Castorina was responsible for managing calendar inventory for three judges at one time, including former Court of Appeals Justice Theodore Jones, who personally commended Castorina for his efforts.

Castorina was known to get parties together to reach consensus and settled unprecedented numbers of cases in his time at the court. His knowledge of the law, and his interpersonal skills and personality helped to ease matters along, and allow for the settlement of many a contentious civil matter.

During Castorina’s time as a young law clerk, he heard a call to duty and service and Joined the Army Division of the New York Guard, and became a JAG Officer in the Civil Affairs Unit of the 88th Brigade. Castorina reached the rank of 1st Lieutenant, and utilized his legal skills for the purposes of preparing Wills, Health Care Proxies, and Powers of Attorney for Reserve and Active Component troops that were ready for deployment over seas. Castorina spent dozens of weekends preparing documents for troops and was a member of the pistol team s a marksman.